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Antibacterial cleaning and disinfection of shops and offices

Antibacterial cleaning and disinfection of stores and offices are necessary

to protect your customers and employees from viruses such as COVID19

Shopping carts, public areas, work desks, chairs and keyboards are full of bacteria and viruses that can be potentially deadly. Did you know that public shops and facilities are as dangerous as public toilets?
We are here for you! Professional disinfection and cleaning services with staff specially trained to eliminate viruses in all commercial or public areas.

Get your disinfection booked today, we’ll deal with all the viruses tomorrow! Advantages of cooperation with us:


We use modern technologies to disinfect the premises with the highest efficiency and zero health risks


The equipment we use if certified for professional disinfection of premises and all processes are in accordance with the strictest hygienic standards in the Czech Republic.


Thanks to many years of experience in this field, you can be sure that your office or store will be cleaned and disinfected in the best quality possible.

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Area disinfection plan

For the highest efficiency and best results of cleaning and disinfection, it is necessary to effectively plan cleaning according to phases (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly).

We will plan with you the most suitable cleaning and disinfection schedule for your shop or office so that it is always prepared to clean and disinfected.

Our proven cleaning and disinfection plan allows us to control items that have already been cleaned and alert us to those that need to be addressed or that have been accidentally omitted.


We use the Bactakleen Ultramist with a nano effect, which fills out the entire space, gets into an every hole and efficiently cleans out the AC system. It is non-toxic and does not harm health! It destroys 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in every room and prevents the transmission of the disease for up to 2 weeks!

Bactashield spray (brand Bactakleen) creates a protective antibacterial shield on the surfaces – on worktops, chairs, door handles, water taps, shopping cart handles, toys, … and destroys any bacteria and reduces risk of transmitting infections further. Long-term effect up to 1 month!

Odour killer (brand Bactakleen) removes odours from food, animals, cigarettes, chemicals – it does not cover them with aroma, but it destroys the source of odour and smells thanks to atomization and pleasantly smells as green tea. Suitable for locker rooms, shoes, toilets, kitchens.


Together with you, we determine the frequency of cleaning and disinfection according to the following procedure:

  • Cleaning and disinfection schedule
  • Types of cleaning and disinfecting agents
  • Cleaning procedure and methodology
  • Security precautions

Book desinfection today!


What is the difference between Cleaning and Disinfection?

Cleaning is defined as the removal of soil, food residue, dirt, grease or other objectionable matter. This requires physical energy, heat and / or chemicals (detergents). Cleaning removes dirt but is not intended to kill all pathogens.

Disinfection is the reduction, by means of chemical agents and/or physical methods, of the number of micro-organisms in the environment to a level that does not compromise food safety or suitability. In a food business, this is usually done by the use of chemicals (such as 2 disinfectants and sanitizers intended for use if food areas) or by heat (hot water above 82°C or steam).

What do we use to Clean and Disinfect?

We will normally use chemicals for some of your cleaning and disinfection tasks, but its important to know which are the right ones to use and how to use them.

Detergents are chemicals that are used to remove grease, dirt and food debris, such as soaps and washing-up liquid. They help us to clean by helping to dissolve and remove the contamination and hold it in solution. However, these are not designed to kill pathogens.

Disinfectants are chemicals that reduce the number of pathogens (germs) to safe levels. Disinfectants are not designed to clean surfaces, so in order to work properly surfaces need to be cleaned and free from grease, dirt, and food before the disinfectant is used. If the surface is not cleaned properly before this disinfection stage, then the pathogens can be trapped in and under the debris and survive the disinfection stage.

Sanitizers are two-in-one products that act as both a detergent and a disinfectant. They are available as liquids, sprays and in some “wipe” applications. Some are only suitable if surfaces require light cleaning and are not heavily contaminated with dirt and debris.

What do we need to Clean and Disinfect?

All equipment and surfaces in a restaurant need to be kept clean and some (such as those that are in direct contact with food) also require additional disinfection. The frequency of these activities needs to be determined and becomes a part of the food business’s
cleaning schedule.

Not all surfaces and equipment need to be disinfected. The focus should be on disinfecting surfaces and equipment which come into contact with either food or the hands. This is to prevent the cross-contamination of pathogens onto food or from people’s hands. This will include the disinfection of work surfaces such as chopping boards, knives, the food contact areas of slicers and other electrical food processing equipment, door handles, fridge handles, light switches, taps, and washbasins.

How to clean and disinfect?

Before cleaning and disinfecting there will normally need to be some preparation – putting on protective clothing and equipment, assembling the cleaning materials, preparing the surfaces by clearing and getting rid of obvious contamination.
Food equipment may need to be dismantled to allow access to all the parts which require attention. The surfaces and equipment are then cleaned and disinfected as advised on the cleaning schedule. A summary of the stages for cleaning are:

  • Remove gross contamination from surfaces by sweeping or wiping off loose debris.
  • Use detergent or other cleaning chemical solution to loosen grease and soiling.
  • Rinse to remove debris
  • Dry items

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